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US History 1st Quarter Project

AP Government Summer Assignment
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U.S. History Chapters 1, 2, 3
U.S. History Chapter 4
U.S. History Chapter 5
U.S. History Chapter 6
U.S. History Chapter 7
U.S. History Chapter 8
U.S. History Chapter 9
U.S. History Chapter 10
U.S. History Chapter 11
U.S. History Chapter 12
U.S. History Chapter 13
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U.S. History Chapter 33
US Government Chapters 1,2
US Government Chapter 3
US Government Chapters 10,11,12
US Government Chapters 13,14
US Government Chapter 18
US Govt Chapters 19,20,21
Remembering 9/11/01
The Civil Rights Movement
Economics Chapters 1,2,3
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U.S. History Honors Mr. Salerno
1st Quarter Project

Choose one of the figures from
American History from the list below.

Adams, John
Adams, John Quincy
Adams, Samuel
Anthony, Susan B.
Arnold, Benedict
Brown, John
Buchanan, James
Burr, Aaron
Calhoun, John C.
Clay, Henry
Clark, William
Dix, Dorothea
Douglas, Stephen
Fillmore, Millard
Franklin, Benjamin
Grant, Ulysses S.
Hamilton, Alexander
Hancock, John
Harrison, William Henry
Henry, Patrick
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Thomas (Stonewall)
Jefferson, Thomas
Johnson, Andrew
Lee, Robert E.
Lewis, Meriwether
Lincoln, Abraham
Madison, James
Marshall, John
Mather, Cotton
Morris, Gouverneur
Monroe, James
Paine, Thomas
Perry, Matthew
Pierce, Franklin
Polk, James K.
Revere, Paul
Shays, Daniel
Sherman, William Tecumseh
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
Taylor, Zachary
Tyler, John
Van Buren, Martin
Webster, Daniel
Zenger, John Peter

Once you decide on a person, you must register your choice with Mr. Salerno. Selections must be made by Friday, September 20th. (If you do not select a person, one will be assigned to you.) When you have made your selection, do the following:

* Imagine that the person you have selected has been magically transported to the present and needs work to support him or herself. For what kind of job would he or she be best suited? What qualifications does he or she have? (For this assignment, you may not have the person run for elected office.)

* Once you have thought about the questions above, you need to get to work formulating, writing, and designing a winning, resume, cover letter, reference list and letter of reference that will help get the person a job!

* Examine carefully the samples supplied to you. Look at the style, the format, and the kinds of qualifications listed. You may copy style and format, but you should not copy the job descriptions or qualifications given in the samples. Remember you have to write a resume that will get the person an appropriate job, and you must think about the kinds of jobs for which the person would be suited and the qualities and skills he or she would have. You may have a resume template as part of your word processing program that you may want to use and/or you can look online for resume formats or tips on writing resumes. You may also want to look online (at or for example) or even in the newspaper classifieds for possible jobs for the individual you have chosen.

* Obviously, you will have to do some research for this project. Go on-line and get to the library right away, even before you select a person. Make sure you can find information which would be useful in creating the resume. Do not wait to the last minute and rely only on the Internet for information. You may not find enough or the right kind of information there. Do not discount BOOKS as a source. The person you have chosen is dead. Not much about their life has changed in the last ten years; you can find good information in books, too.

* The resume should include the following parts: contact information (Be accurate if you can, but you may have to make parts up), objective, experience, and education. Use the actual dates from the person's life in the experience section. Remember that you do not include personal information in a modern resume. Employers today are not allowed to ask about family, health, or financial responsibilities and you should not include such information in the resume.

* In the cover letter be sure to include an explanation in the first person of why the person is suited for the position, and then highlight his or her qualifications.

* The letter of reference should be from a contemporary of the individual you have chosen (Someone famous from the same time period. Someone who would have known the person.) The person should state the capacity in which they knew the person (as teacher, colleague, supervisor, etc.), and should write about the qualities that would make the person a good employee.

* There should be at least three names on the list of references. They should also be contemporaries of the individual you have chosen. You should also include a brief description of the capacity in which the reference knew the individual.

* Each page of the project should be on a separate sheet of paper. The resume should not be longer than one page. Length is not the objective here. The goal is to produce a neat resume and letters that are clear, concise and accurate and demonstrate knowledge of the individual's accomplishments. Of course projects should be typed in a font no larger than 12 point.


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