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US Government                                                                                          1st Quarter Project

Mr. Salerno                                                                                    

Due Date: October 22nd  



Many problems face the American people in the 21st century.  They include:


                                    Racial Profiling

                                    Sluggish Economy

                                    Rising Gas Prices

Health Care                             

Inadequate Education

                                    Polluting Our Environment

                                    Decaying Large Cities

                                    Election Reform


Your assignment is to imagine that you are running for public office


(You are running for Congress in your present District)


Your representatives are:          Eliot Engel                    District 17

                                                Nita Lowey                  District 18

                                                Sue Kelly                     District 19



House of Representatives website -



You must present yourself as a marketable candidate to the voting public by writing your own biography.  This would include your place of birth, education, family and interests.

(Remember. You are quite a bit older)


Your biography should be at least 1-1/2 page(s) typed, double spaced, 12pt font and in letter form.  To the people of District 18.. My name is John Jonesetc


You are now required to choose at least THREE  problems to address in your candidacy

Each problem and problem solving plan must be at least 1 page typed (platform)



You are now required to write a conclusion page, summarizing your candidacy.



This project must be at least FIVE PAGES in length

and is worth 25% of your 1st Quarter Grade