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America as a Super Power

Chapters 28 - 29
The Cold War

The containment of the Soviet Union and her influence.
US v Soviet Union

Germany 1948

Germany is divided into four zones
US, UK, France, Soviet Union

Berlin - city is deep within the Soviet sector but occupied by the four powers.

Marshall Plan - of former Chief of Staff George Marshall, organized attempt to rebuild a war torn Europe.

Aid to occupied Germany would be accomplished by as a single unit.

Stalin became suspicious; tension
Russia blocks off the city and closes all ground activity to the city

Berlin Airlift - supplies were flown over blockade. Planes beat the blockade.

Stalin backs off and allows access to Berlin, but Soviet Sector becomes East Germany (Soviet Satellite)

Winston Churchill - famous "Iron Curtain" speech. It exists from Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic.

Famous events associated with the Cold War

Truman Doctrine - stopping the spread of Communism

China - Mao Zedong v Chiang Kai Shek
Communism in China 1949. Taiwan is settled by Nationalists(Chiang Kai Shek)

Stalin pushes for UN acceptance and Communist China's admission to the Security Council. US veto. Soviets walk out of meetings.

Korean War - 1950-53

1950 - Soviet armed and trained North Korean troops invade South Korea.

US gets involved - Security Council condemns the action orders No. Korea to withdraw north of the 38 parallel
Sygman Rhee (Democracy) supported by Truman and General MacArthur

UN forces lead by The American Caesar
(Pacific sector Supreme Commander responsible for the rebuilding of Japan)

Inchon Landing - devised by MacArthur
UN forces 80% American.
Tremendous success. No. Koreans
were driven to area 60 mi south of 38th parallel.

Chinese cross Yalu River and swarm down from the north.

MacArthur wanted an all out effort against the Chinese. Truman, Bradley said no.

MacArthur publicly criticizes Truman's strategy.
Truman fires the American Caesar.

Public realizes Truman is defusing a nuclear war.

1953 - President Eisenhower threatens to use nuclear weapons. An armistice is signed July 27, 1953.
Panmunjon- 38 parallel
35,000 American Dead


President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the 1950's.

-Bring troops home, military reserve

- Nuclear Weapons cheaper than a standing army

Secretary of State - John Foster Dulles threatened massive retaliation against the Soviet Union and Communist China if they attacked any country

"The US will go to the brink of war to preserve peace in the world" brinkmanship

Containment of Communism through the Alliance system.
NATO, SEATO - pactomania

Warsaw Pact Nations - Communist Nations of Europe

Dienbienphu- No. Vietnam (Communist)
So. Vietnam (Democratic)

Cuba - US backed Castro v Battista
Castro seized US holdings and turned to the Soviet Union for aid.

Soviet occupation - Hungary 1956 and Eastern Europe becoming satellites

The Space Race

The Symbol of the Cold War
- The Berlin Wall constructed in 1961.

The high point - Cuban Missile Crisis


The Middle East

Eisenhower Doctrine
aimed at checking Communism in the Middle East
Nasser - Arab Nationalism



Star Wars - Gorbachev - glastnost

The Cold War at home - Red Scare

Taft/Hartley Act (1947)
- curbed union power for fear of socialism

Smith Act (1940)
- outlawed the teaching of how to over throw the US

Mc Carran Act (1950)
- required Communists to register with the Attorney General
"card carrying Communist"

HUAC- (Richard Nixon) Alger Hiss named as a spy passing secrets to the Soviets during the 1930's

The Rosenberg Case - Ethel and Julius arrested and accused of selling A-Bomb secrets to Soviets.
****tried, convicted, electrocuted

Nuclear War was a real threat. Air raid practice.
Fall Out Shelters
Bunkers were built in back yards

Sen Joseph MaCarthy- led the hysteria campaign v Communism "Red Fear"

Ronald Reagan - Hollywood blacklists
- John Garfield, Helen Hayes

The Crucible - written about Salem

The US officially the victor in 1990
Berlin Wall comes down. Soviet Union is broken into smaller separate Republics. Communism crumbled.


The Cold War

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