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U.S. History Chapter 31

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The Decade of the 1960's

Chapter 31

The 1960's "Change"

JFK- Man of a thousand days

1960 Presidential Election
John F. Kennedy v Richard M. Nixon

Television debates help JFK
"missile gap"
T.V. Democracy
*The perfect wife, family.

Domestic Policy
-Keynesian tax cutting to promote spending

Promoted Civil Rights but had no support in Congress
Republican and So. Segregationists

Robert F. Kennedy- Attorney General and principle adviser, helped to speed up court cases attacking

-organized crime

The Space Program - flourished under JFK
* The Moonlanding - the objective

Silent Spring - Rachel Carson
DDT and pesticides were damaging the environment.
First studies of pollution
and its prevention publicized on billboards


Foreign Policy- JFK's Legacy

Favored a "flexible response"
over the 1950's "massive retaliation"

He actually stepped up the Cold War by forcing issues

JFK v Nikita Khrushchev
Democracy Communism

April 1961 - Bay of Pigs (disaster)
he acknowledged his mistake

1961 - Berlin Wall - Tension

*Oct 1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis

13 days when the world held its breadth.
*** Great Success***

1963 - Berlin - famous speech of
"Ich bein ein Berliner" - full support v Communism


Nuclear Test Ban Treaty - ceasing of atmospheric testing. (underground testing continued)

Alliance for Progress
- extending a hand to Latin America v Communism

Peace Corps
- foreign aid and support to help change the world

Vietnam - supported Ngo Dinh Diem v Communism. Very cautious over an Asian War. He did increase CIA and advisers in Vietnam to 16,000 in 1963.
Diem is assassinated Nov 1963 CIA ?

Kennedy to begins to withdraw American troops

Kennedy assassinated on Nov 22, 1963


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