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AP Government Summer Assignment
AP Government Summer Assignment
AP Chapters 1,2
AP Chapter 3
AP Chapter 4
AP Chapter 5
AP Chapter 6
AP Chapter 7
AP Chapter 8
AP Chapter 9
AP Chapter 10
AP Chapter 11
AP Chapter 12
AP Chapter 13
AP Chapter 14
AP Chapter 15
AP Chapter 16
U.S. History Chapters 1, 2, 3
U.S. History Chapter 4
U.S. History Chapter 5
U.S. History Chapter 6
U.S. History Chapter 7
U.S. History Chapter 8
U.S. History Chapter 9
U.S. History Chapter 10
U.S. History Chapter 11
U.S. History Chapter 12
U.S. History Chapter 13
U.S. History Chapter 14
U.S. History Chapters 16,17,18
U.S. History Chapters 19,20,21
U.S. History Chapters 22,23
U.S. History Chapters 24,25
U.S. History Chapters 26,27
U.S. History Chapters 28,29,30
U.S. History Chapter 31
U.S. History Chapter 32
U.S. History Chapter 33
US Government Chapters 1,2
US Government Chapter 3
US Government Chapters 10,11,12
US Government Chapters 13,14
US Government Chapter 18
US Govt Chapters 19,20,21
Remembering 9/11/01
The Civil Rights Movement
Economics Chapters 1,2,3
Eco Chapt 9
Eco Chapters 6,7,8
Eco Chapt 13
Eco Chapter 15
Eco Chapt 21

AP Government
Summer Reading and Assignment

AP Government Summer Assignment – Mr. Salerno

Textbooks will be available in the Main Office by July 2013

*    Students are required to download  my outline of AP Chapters 1&2 from my school webpage (salernosclassroom0) into a Microsoft Word Document.  Using my chapter outline and  their textbooks, students are required to create a comprehensive outline of each chapter.  Vocabulary at the end of each chapter must be completed and inserted into the document. 

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Reading Assignment (Summer Reading)

HARDBALL - Chris Matthews (revised and updated version)

As you read this book, think about the questions below.  You would do well to take notes with regard to these questions.  Knowing the answers to these questions will help prepare you for the Summer Reading Test, which will be administered in September.  A class discussion will also involve these questions.


1.      LBJ‘s famous line, “It’s not who you know, it’s who you get to know.”  Explain.


2.      Explain Tip O’Neill’s favorite quote, “All politics is local,”


3.      Ross Perot’s Machiavellian tactic:

If you want to make a friend, get someone to do you a favor.” Explain.


4.      What did Ronald Reagan mean when he said, “Dance with the one that brung ya.”


5.      Concerning politics, what is meant by “Keep your friends close…your enemies closer.”


6.      Define the political term Wholesale Politics.


7.      Define the political term Retail Politics.


8.      What is meant by the Politics of Spin?


9.      What does Matthews mean by “Hanging out a lantern on your problem.”


10.   Define the journalism terms:  deep background; on background; off the record.

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