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US Government Syllabus

AP Government Summer Assignment
AP Chapters 1,2
AP Chapter 3
AP Chapter 4
AP Chapter 5
AP Chapter 6
AP Chapter 7
AP Chapter 8
AP Chapter 9
AP Chapter 10
AP Chapter 11
AP Chapter 12
AP Chapter 13
AP Chapter 14
AP Chapter 15
AP Chapter 16
U.S. History Chapters 1, 2, 3
U.S. History Chapter 4
U.S. History Chapter 5
U.S. History Chapter 6
U.S. History Chapter 7
U.S. History Chapter 8
U.S. History Chapter 9
U.S. History Chapter 10
U.S. History Chapter 11
U.S. History Chapter 12
U.S. History Chapter 13
U.S. History Chapter 14
U.S. History Chapters 16,17,18
U.S. History Chapters 19,20,21
U.S. History Chapters 22,23
U.S. History Chapters 24,25
U.S. History Chapters 26,27
U.S. History Chapters 28,29,30
U.S. History Chapter 31
U.S. History Chapter 32
U.S. History Chapter 33
US Government Chapters 1,2
US Government Chapter 3
US Government Chapters 10,11,12
US Government Chapters 13,14
US Government Chapter 18
US Govt Chapters 19,20,21
Remembering 9/11/01
The Civil Rights Movement
Economics Chapters 1,2,3
Eco Chapt 9
Eco Chapters 6,7,8
Eco Chapt 13
Eco Chapter 15
Eco Chapt 21

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American Government



Mr. Richard A. Salerno

Iona Prep




Course Objectives


The purpose of this course is to gain a better understanding of our nation's complex system of government.  We will accomplish this goal by actively examining life in America today, therefore, the theme of our course will be the inter-relationship between our government, our laws and our people.    



Materials Needed


(1)   Textbook - Magruder's American Government

(2)   Notebook ( Government Only)

(3)   Folder



Marking Procedures


(1)   Tests and Quizzes                                             50%

      At least 3 major tests and five quizzes per quarter


(2)   Weekly written or typed assignments                           25%


(3)   Quarter Project                                               25%





(1)   Notebook Homework will be assigned each week and will be checked thoroughly!  Your quarter average will suffer with your inconsistency.  Be consistent!!!


(2)   Everyone in American Government will complete course requirements.  No Exceptions.


(3)   Remember! You are Seniors so let us keep it honorable through mutual cooperation.


(4)I am available in room 200 immediately after school.


(5)   Check my website for my after school location or call

            632-0714, ext.349 for an appointment.


(6)My e-mail address is